Outfit of Today

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I really hope you're doing well!

Who's looking forward to autumn? Because I am. I made pumpkin cookies today, and burned an apple cinnamon candle. And then I ordered pumpkin spice scented soap online. I also bought a little wooden skeleton decoration to paint (more on him later). 


Fun With Nail Art

Cozy Sunday Roast Chicken

Word of Today: Gaggle

gaggle (n.): a flock of geese

Hey Spencer, use it in a sentence, please!!

All right, all right.

Here goes nothing: I looked out the window, only to find a whole gaggle of geese right outside!

I roasted a whole chicken last Sunday. It was awfully cozy.

Gloomy Thursday Brownies

I was feeling gloomy on a Thursday.

Nothing bad happened; it was just one of those days.


Project #34: Get a Henna Tattoo (HENNAaaaaaa)

We got a do-it-yourself henna kit.

Much Too Much

drum violins AND the
key(board) bits of
useless papers broken
folded card(board) but i
just want to go
home i want to go (home)
is where fires
start (and) rivers end where
words are tools (never)
used for tightening the handle of
the kitchen drawer (never) for
any good
little voices (bigger
dreams) but
i can't be everything you
want me to be AND
everything i want
me to be (i found)
the missing puzzle
piece beneath my bed the
tuesday before last (it's a part of a
vanilla cloud) but i
just (i just) don't know where
it goes


What I'm reading right now: One Day by David Nicholls 


Project #49: Make Fondue (More Like FUNdue)

After a bit of research, we determined that most cheese fondue recipes were relatively similar. We rubbed garlic cloves on the bottom of the pan until they were mostly gone, added some white wine that we brought to a simmer, and then stirred in the cheese.

Dorm Livin'

This is what I walked into; stark, uninviting, goose bump inducing, blank space.

Repeat the above for the closet, and add, I knew I had to do something. 


Family Reunion

For the first time in a long time, my whole family was in the same place at the same time. I have two older sisters, Tyler and Cody, even though only TF has been in previous posts.

They're both just great. And so was this sandwich. I've decided caprese sandwiches and salads are some of my favorite things in the whole world, somewhere between finishing a book and having the next one in the series waiting on your bedside table and garlic, sautéeing in a pan.



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What I'm listening to right now: 18th Floor Balcony by Blue October

Word of the Day: Happenstance (making banana waffles, pretend that it's the weekend, oh wait, it's Sunday)

happenstance (n.): coincidence

origin: late 19th century; combination of happen and circumstance

Hey Spencer, will you use it in a sentence, please?!

Sure! Here it is:

It was just happenstance that we had both waffle mix and a Mickey Mouse waffle iron in the house at the same time this morning.

Hey Spencer, will you also add some pictures that are related to your sentence?!

Of course, friends!

TF made banana waffles.

Tickle Me Pink (pink hair, don't care)

We started off making pink peppermint marshmallows...


Shortbread Sandwich Cookies on a Rainy Afternoon

I made some shortbread cookies using the Pioneer Woman's recipe.


A Bow on My Nail and Braids in My Hair

I painted a bow on my fingernail! 

I dipped the end of a toothpick into the nail polish bottle and used it to draw the design. It was not as difficult as I would have thought.


Project #36: Make a Recipe Using an Ingredient I've Never Tried Before (My Take on Eggs Benedict)

Last night Lauren and Tyler cooked an artichoke and made hollandaise sauce to go with it. This morning (with egg poaching help from TF) I made eggs benedict with the leftover hollandaise sauce.

It was just delicious.

Project #13: Dye a Streak in My Hair (I've Got the Blues)

I dyed a blue streak in my hair! 

I had never dyed my hair before, so I pretty much had no idea what I was doing, but I found a kit that had bleach, peroxide, dye, and gloves, and just took a chance. 


Outfit of Today

Spencer and I were up late again last night, creating for the blog. 

I painted my nails funky (more on this later).

Cherry Compote

Yesterday, we learned how to pronounce "compote." As it turns out, you just have to say "com" and then say "pote."

This is my cat, Josephine. Please proceed to "aww" at the following pictures as she cozies up to a bowl of cherries.

Project #22: Make Jam

We made tomato jam.

Our recipe was adapted from an Epicurious recipe.  You might expect that tomato jam would be savory like tomato sauce or salsa, but it was much closer to fruit jams like raspberry or strawberry.  Tomatoes are fruits, after all (I learned that from my second grade teacher).


Outfit of Today

Dear readers,

Today we made two kinds of jam and then went to Starbucks to knit and blog (we have a blog called the Lauren/Spencer Project).  A boy who appeared to be no older than 14 told us his name was Brittany and then asked for our numbers.  I told him 16 was my favorite.  I don't think that's what he meant.  

This one shows Lauren's response to Brittany's question.

I'm just kidding.  We took these before Starbucks.

In this one, Lauren was posing for the cover of a men's magazine and I was posing for a women's magazine.  

In this one, Lauren was pulling on an imaginary rope that was attached to my wrists (my wrists are real, though).

In other news, I got a camera! We had just been using Lauren's before this.  I think maybe I'll name him.  Should I name him? What do you guys think? Now we'll both be able to post a lot.  Get excited.

"Let's both look that way and pretend there's something exciting over there."

dress- Billabong
purse- boutique
flip flops- Volcom
gold necklace- boutique
fragrance- Christian Dior J'adore

What I'm listening to: Animal by Miike Snow

shirt- Target
belt- ??
earrings- my mom's from years ago
shoes- Forever 21
shorts- Urban Outfitters
fragrance- DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom

What I'm listening to: White Houses by Vanessa Carlton