Our Food Traditions

One of my earlier memories with Spencer is sitting on the bench outside at school and ooing and awing over the Smitten Kitchen blog every time we hit the "Surprise Me!" button. Food very well may have brought us together, and it definitely has sustained our friendship. Let's be honest, the promise of a Benedict on the beach is the only reason I agree to meet sometimes. It is really yummy!



Viral Spirals (inspired by Zooey Deschanel)

A TV show that I'm loving right now is New Girl starring the adorable Zooey Deschanel. Something that I think is cool about her, among other things, is the way she hasn't changed her hair very much in the years that she has been famous. Her big brown curls and long, wispy bangs have become a sort of signature of hers, and although I don't have bangs, I decided to try to recreate her look.


My Trip to Chicago

I took a trip back home to Chicago for the weekend.

I found rainbows in places I forgot I could.

The cool thing about the midwest is that when it's autumn, you can tell when you look out your window.

Outfit of the Week

This red, white, & blue outfit is a token of American charm, and with Veteran's Day approaching, it is the perfect ensemble to commemorate the holiday. 

The top reminds me of a Topshop denim bandeau I absolutely craved to wear under sheer shirts or loose-knit pullovers. 

However, hers can play as a top all on its own. In the summer, it would not need a cover-up. I adore the layering of the crochet top for fall. I have a similar vest I got from ModCloth. Vests are a wonderful way to add personality to an everyday outfit.

Colored denim pants are a fun clothing item for fall. They can make a look when paired with more muted colors, like her faded denim shirt, cream top, and camel-colored boots. Joe's Jeans offers skinnies in fifty-five colors!