College Life So Far

At the end of the summer, I packed everything up to move it across the country.  It was weird to create a tangible representation of my whole life.  This is it.  Don't you feel like you know me better now?  (That was a joke.)  Note: poster rolled up created by The Lauren/Spencer Project's own Lauren Adamson for my birthday (I carried it with me through multiple airports and I think hit a bunch of strangers with it accidentally, but it was totally worth it. It's on my wall now.)

There was already a bulletin board in my room at the foot of my bed, so I covered it with pictures to try to make it feel like home.  I have this really unique tip that you should put up pictures to make a place feel like home. 

I usually eat breakfast alone in the dining hall, but not really alone because I'm almost always with Joy the Baker and Tracy Shutterbean of the Joy the Baker Podcast which is totally awesome.

The first weekend I was here, I got to hang out with my little cousin who had a lot of trouble choosing only one bear. 

For me, however, one bear is enough. He studies so I don't have to.

I spend most of my time here either like this

or like this.

Also, it is comically hilly here. Quick challenge: think of 3 more things that are comically hilly.

There's a panini press here

and I have crayons

and my English teacher brings his dog to class

and the view is just beautiful.


What I'm listening to right now: If I Go I'm Goin' by Gregory Alan Isakov


Leftover Birthday Memories

I turned 19 right before I left for college, so it was sort of a hectic time, but I had a really nice day with my family. That was more than two months ago, but the thing about starting college is that you don't have any time to blog about things.

I've finally started videoblogging again which is good, because how else are people who may or may not know me going to know what I do every day??

The day after my birthday, I had my wisdom teeth removed and really bonded with this guy:

He followed me to college, and he's offered me a lot of moral support. More on college later, though.
Things are okay, but there's a hurricane coming today (yikes) so no class (not yikes). Maybe I'll do some blogging (??). This blog has become a series of posts that say "Maybe I'll start blogging more" that are one month apart from each other. That can be our thing on The Lauren/Spencer Project. 

I hope your life is going great and you're not caught in the middle of a hurricane.


What I'm listening to right now: Feel Again by OneRepublic