Coloring Our Hair with Chalk

After our previous attempts at coloring streaks in our hair (see here and here) had faded,  Lauren and I were browsing The Beauty Department and decided to try a less permanent method of hair dyeing. 

Basically, we just ran small pieces of our hair under water and then rubbed the wet hair with chalk (the kind for art, not the kind for sidewalks, although I don't see why sidewalk chalk wouldn't work). Then we rinsed the chalk out, and the hair dried colorfully.


Doctor Who: Rose Tyler Makeup and Hair Tutorial

The most recent seasons of Doctor Who are on Netflix Instant so I watched them all last summer and loved them. Then, I found out that Doctor Who is this big phenomenon sweeping this nation as well as others. I'm on board. 

Anyway, something I was wondering was if Doctor Who watchers are also makeup noticers. My guess is no. But who knows? I noticed Rose Tyler's character had a sort of signature makeup look and I thought it would be fun to try to recreate it. 

In the show, most of the time, she's wearing eyeliner and gobs of mascara and has a rosy glow and messy hair from all the world saving and escaping death that she has to do all the time. I know the feeling. 

I'm kidding.

I've never saved the world.

One day, though.

Here's my face with no makeup on and just tinted moisturizer. She doesn't seem like a character who would wear lots of face makeup, so I just evened out my skin tone with Urban Defense tinted moisturizer from Urban Decay. The color I used was Halo. Maybe that's why I have creepy glowing rings in my eyes.

What's in Spencer's Bag

1. sparkly sparkly makeup bag ($3 on sale at Old Navy; ensures that your face is always adorned with several large pieces of multicolored glitter)

2. Korres lip butter in wild rose (so great, but you'll have to wipe your fingers on an old receipt if you put it on when you're not at home)

3. travel size roller ball version of Taylor Swift's Wonderstruck perfume (a gift from my sister, Cody; smells like magic)