This Week's Poem

a girl takes a seat at
the edge of the world,
her legs hanging
off, swaying in the
nothing beneath her,
and she shivers,
but not because 
she is cold
there is no rain and
there is no sun and
there is no snow
only a stack of gently 
used books on the top
shelf, an artist's pencil, 4B,
and a daydream that
lies like a small child standing
next to a broken vase,
and stings like the hand
that reaches to pick up the pieces
a girl takes a seat at
the edge of the world, but
she rises once more,
unsure of what is to come, she
fears that which she
understands the least
but, then again, with the
whole world behind you,

what is left to lose?


What I'm reading right now: Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury


A Smorgasbord of Poetry


On Sunday, firefighters came to the rescue
of a soufflé. Reportedly, the
ladies were glad, for their
make-up was starting to melt. One even lost a false lash. It fell
into the Earl Grey, the favored blend,
at the luncheon that morning.
The frail, yet heavily-accessorized party guests said
it was the flambé. It was the their
luck that one of the men come to rescue
was a sous chef on the side.
As a man in uniform, he recognized
the cake. The detective noticed
something too- a martini glass
lying cold, at the scene of the crime.
The detective’s notes read probable cause: dishware
thrown aimlessly by anorexic housewife,
surmised, could not hold liquor
or 2 olives and made the tumble,
which fueled the flame,
which caught the soufflé.

To Do List:

my camera. 
It has been with me for a while now, 
and we have become good friends,
but the problem is its large size and conspicuousness. 
I fear damaging it, so I can't take it on outdoor trips,
and I fear looking crazy carrying it around campus. 
Why I am telling you this?
Because I am lacking in pictures and it makes me sad, 
but I do have a small selection to show you
of what I have been up to.

Is there a rule you cannot wear bright yellow nail polish in the fall/winter?


Project #1: Carve a Pumpkin

Dear readers,

Today I did a lot of laundry. I did the dishes and worked on a song I was writing. I played with my cat and I went to a guitar lesson and then, I made my October dreams come true.


You've Got Mail!

I have the best friend in the whole wide world! Yep. I met her in college, and we are going to start a blog together and she is going to be the hyphenated name to my name, and it is going to be great! JK! I know I couldn't have fooled you, our knowledgable readers. Spencer is the best. I got a care package from her today, and I just have to say, it made me :). She sent me what I thought was one cookie crumbled up, and as I was reading the letter, and proceeding to work my way through the whole thing, I got to the part where she wrote, "and we sent you two pumpkins, and one ghost, which will probably be crumbled so you won't be able to tell." <-rough version of her words. Therefore, I am a cookie glutton, but I don't apologize.


What I am doing right now: painting my nails with awesome autumn-colored polish



Happy October! (my favorite things in September)

I've decided to do a post at the end of each month showing all of the things I loved especially during that month.  What were your favorite things in September?

This is my favorite breakfast or snack or whatever for September. Nutella on multigrain toast with a big mug of black tea. It is a requirement that the toast is cut into triangles. It is best this way, I promise.