The Feder family went all out for Thanksgiving this year! After all, here at the Lauren/Spencer Project, our motto is "Go big or go home."

It was a day filled with pumpkins and candles and alphabet noodle place cards

and pretty platters of vegetables and 

cooking and cooking

and more cooking

and we even made butter from scratch! (A great big shout out to Cody Feder. We couldn't have done this part without you.)

Autumnal cloth napkins donned sparkly napkin rings

and fall leaves were strung and hung across walls.




We all played the dictionary game which is sort of like Balderdash if you don't know what the dictionary game is, but then again I don't know if a lot of people would know what Balderdash is either. It was a boatload of fun, no matter how unclear the rules of the game may be to the average blog-viewer (and, okay, also to the people who actually played the game),

Here,  Lauren and our cool friend Basia posed for the picture in an attempt to become the new faces of the dictionary game. (The old face of the dictionary game really had to go.)

Josephine just hung out near the dessert and drinks table for most of the night. She's never been much of a joiner.

All of our friends came to our Thanksgiving dinner! 

Thanksgiving 2011 was a success for the Lauren/Spencer Project! Just wait until Thanksgiving 2012. It's going to be really something.


What I'm reading right now: Paper Towns by John Green

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