My Favorite Things in November

My first November favorite is making a wish at 11:11. I make a wish every time I check the time and it's 11:11. That said, you can only imagine how excited I was to be able to experience two 11:11s on November 11, 2011. So many elevens. So exciting. So I made a little videoblog. I hope you're excited, too!

November favorite #2 is Happy Birthday nail polish by Deborah Lippman! My sisters gave this to me for my eighteenth birthday and it is so special. It just looks like a birthday celebration. Which is probably how she picked the name.

Next is rain! Which is always my favorite of anything no matter what month it is. I love how it smells and looks and it just makes everything feel magical.

My dad is a favorite of the month. We have really bonded over the last few years and he inspires me.

Long distance gift swaps are my next favorite. This month, I participated in the Design Crush 2012 Calendar Swap and received this beautiful calendar (and caramel flavored homemade marshmallows!) In this calendar swap, swapmates are randomly selected and I was paired with Akiyo from My Dear Darling. You should definitely check out her blog. She's really creative and everything she makes is adorable.

The marshmallows from Akiyo lead me to my next favorite, hot drinks. I've been drinking all sorts of flavored hot chocolate this past month (all, complemented by the fancy marshmallows, of course) and I've been loving putting a cinnamon stick in a cup of hot chocolate, or....

hot apple cider! This is a picture of Lauren pretending to be tough. While videochatting in a vegan café.

I've been reading a lot this month. Maybe we'll start a book review series of posts. There are so many books on my list that I want to read but I feel like no matter how fast I read, I'll never be able to read them all. Can you relate?

Finally, my last (but not least) favorites are my two friends, LA and TF (and, okay, also CF, but she was in my previous favorites post, and she's not in this picture). We all had so much fun together during Thanksgiving break, so I can only imagine how exciting winter break will be!

Happy December, everyone!


What I'm listening to right now: I Missed You by Joshua Radin

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My Dear Darling said...

Hi Spencer! :D You moved your blog! Just wanted to stop by and say THANK YOU for the calendar!! I hung it right after I opened it and can't wait for 2012. I'm so glad you got your calendar and hope the marshmallows were yummy~! Lots of Smiles, Akiyo