HaPpY FRidaY!

Drawing is something I greatly enjoyed as a child (along with pretending I was a Native American, and making villages out of mud, sticks, and leaves). I was especially obsessed with horses. They would run across the many pages of my notebooks. I also had a horse, whose sugar cubes I would steal. Once in a while, I pick the drawing book back up (maybe once a year). Mainly because I am afraid one day I will only be able to draw stick figures (though still fun!).

Earlier this year I drew a portrait of Spencer and myself for her eighteenth birthday. This has become a new tradition along with the birthday cake exchange. For my 18th, she drew a tall, dark, and handsome Hugh Dancy stroking a cat. What could be better than that?

Well, I guess forcing my food and personal art projects on p
eople is just what I do. It has become my thing. Spencer and I, individually, would bring filled Tupperware containers to school after a night of impulsive baking. I always followed recipes that made batches worthy of large events; a little more than a late night snack.

Tomorrow's Friday! It is the best of days, and not for the typical reasons. I look forward to Fridays because I have poetry. Now that I am reaching the end of this semester, and the conclusion of this course, I wanted to show my thanks to its passionate instructor. She is really great. You all would like her. She is a spunky woman, who speaks her mind, and has much to say about poetry. I can truly say I have learned much.

Anyway, I sent her an email, which she probably thought absurd.


I am not a big fan of any of these...I am going to try to write something else before class. hmph.

Thanks! See you soon! Lauren

P.S. What's your favorite sweet/slash famous person?

Though my message may seem informal to send to a professor, it is the way she communicates with her class. I had attached some poems to the email, and was apparently not too happy with them. Also, I find it funny I put "/slash." How redundant I am!
Anyway, she likes cannoli, and since I was busy with the Feder girls all Thanksgiving break, I did not have time to make some. However, when I gave her the ones I had bought, she said Publix makes the best cannoli. May I also add, she said it in a very soft and touched voice.
As for the famous person. I tried to draw this guy. 
And it turned out looking like this. 
Jim Henson says, "I wish I were a puppet. It is not easy being black &white." Well, at least that's what I heard.

I told you I am not very good. 

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