Things I am Loving at the Moment

STAEDTLER fineliner colored pens

I have started to illustrate recently. I have always tried to draw what's in front of me as accurately as possible. It turns out trying to use your imagination is a tricky process. This was my first attempt today.

I love my new royal blue Free People velvet turban. That's a mouthful. Though I wouldn't know. I have never tried to actually eat it. I do enjoy wearing it on my head. It adds a bit of glamor to an outfit. Thanks SF!

These dangling emerald green beauties are Lucky (the brand). They can be casual or sophisticated, and they are so much fun to shake about. 

So many of my favorite things in one image; it's overwhelming!
Chanel Blue Satin nail color
Spin Ring (the unofficial name, I twirl the gold band)
Dark Chocolate assortment (strawberries, hazelnuts, pistachios, apricots)

Dior Eye Shadow Palette
The gold shimmer is a light complimentary tone that can be worn everyday with any outfit.
The winged eyeliner is optional.

BCBG MAXAZRIA peacock feather scarf with sequin and bead embellishments
Worn with the peacock blue nail polish on a crisp fall day

Basically it's like Nutella with a few exceptions. The butter is heartier. The hazelnuts are less processed so it does not have the glossy smooth look of Nutella. Though I prefer it, for it tastes more natural.

There are times for gooey messy cookies, and then there are times for Tate's. They are crispy and they snap when you bend them, but they are also buttery and phenomenally yummy.

Love illy.
Each pop of the can promises a perfect balance between aromatic roasted coffee, milk, and sometimes cocoa.

So many options.
and then the different

White Ambrosia

it tastes like honey

Forte teas
so cute!

Peppermint tea
so calming

Honest tea
is so

Peach Oolong...mmm.

Farmer's Market Organic Stawberries
Some lemon in your tea?
Yes please!

Rosemary & Olive Oil flat breads
remind me of
the rosemary pine nut shortbread cookies I once made.
These are light and flavorful.

Heirloom tomatoes are pretty &
good with fresh buffalo mozzarella, olive oil & basil


in an arugula &spinach salad with sundried tomatoes, feta, kalamata olives, roasted garlic, & olive oil.

you will only know if you find out for yourself 


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